Hello! Happy new year to everyone. I hope your holidays were splendid, mine was. It was stressful though, at the same time it’s feels good to be around family and friends. I am so looking forward to what the new year holds. It’s a beautiful year people!
I am sure we all have our expectations for fashion, I mean I do. We are going back to the fashion trends of 2015 and previous years to determine which needs a come back in the year 2016. Looking back at the eighties fashion you are gonna realize that lots of clothes we wear now have once been a trend (likes of crops and so on) most of this clothes now have just been slightly modernized. I did a lot of research and I have gathered up so much that I think would be absolutely worthy of a come back in 2016.


Three quarters Jean trousers are definitely a trend to bring back in 2016. I had lots of this when I was little and I hated wearing it. I preferred wearing something that didn’t show my ankles but now I could pair it with really cool ankle boots and plaid shirt. It’s a really cool fashion trend. It definitely needs to come back this year.

2) Belts with everything

I think the question is what would we do without belts? I don’t think this trend could ever disappear. I am a big fan of big belts. I love belts on any kind of cloth. Seriously it works with almost everything; gowns, jumpsuit, skirt. What doesn’t it work with! Earlier on it was just a leather rope but now it’s way passed that. There are different types such as ; buckle belts, skinny belts, title belts, tummy belts and so on. It’s a great trend. It should stay.


I definitely think there should be a lot of short hair cuts this year. I could try to follow that trend too. I feel it would have a very good come back 2016.

4) Go Backless

Even if this ends am still gonna be a fan. I love anything backless. I feel like it just adds a special sophistication to your look. It takes your look to the next level making you look outstanding. There’s the twist, racer back which I think looks a little bit dramatic and so on. It is mostly common in gowns though. It’s a beautiful trend. I don’t want it to ever disappear it needs to keep coming back. I am such a fan.


In 2015 wedges were forgotten about (mostly especially sandal wedges) there were lots of heels last year. There are so many different beautiful designs lacer cuts, sandals, coral lace up, double ankle strap, ankle wrap and lots more. Wedges need a come back. They would look great.

— Coco Chanel.

I don’t know about you but the first thing that comes to my mind at the mention of pearls is chanel. The CHANEL brand is well known when it comes to pearls. I really love pearls. It adds this eighties look to your outfit. Pearls are really beautiful. It’s quite expensive though.


This hasn’t been around for a long time. There were lots of it 2015. It’s a really nice trend. It should still stay. I haven’t tried it but it looks really good on almost everyone ( mostly on skinny women).


When I first saw fringe boots I hated them. I said I wasn’t gonna ever wear them. It’s so dramatic and weird looking. It’s funny how it actually became a trend. I really like them now, then I thought you could only wear it with the cowboy clothes. Now there’s really nothing it can’t be worn with. I think it should come back 2016. It’s a cool trend.


I wasn’t really going to add this. But then I said why not there’s been a lot of colorful leather bags 2015. It’s 2016 why not try Jean bags. I know this seems a little or a lot last 3 years but I think it would be really cool if we give it a try again. So what do you think?


At first I was gonna go all zippered (zippered skirts, gowns, jeans and all) but then I have this beautiful zippered skirt in my drawer. I want it to become a trend again so I can rock them. Am just joking or not. Anyways zippered skirts is a really nice trend. Really cool. I need it to come back 2016 not only because I have one I would like to rock.


There was a time when bangles reigned. You could wear 10-12 bangles on one hand. It has been taken over by rings and bracelets now. Some people still dig it. I think it’s girly and fun. It should definitely come back.

This trend means a lot to Africans. It used to be widely made and worn in Africa. About three years ago, I went to a place where they make tie and dye specifically a town where it is made and worn in Nigeria. The place is situated in Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria. In this town people dedicate their whole lives into making tie and dye clothes. It’s natively called “ADIRE” it’s been so long I went there, I don’t really have pictures but I was able to get some on the Internet. Abeokuta is a yoruba tribe town. There’s so much creativity in adire making. It’s a really strenuous work but it’s quite interesting.

It’s really funny how this creativity was able to get to the runway. I just really love it. The beautiful designs, the creativity everything about it.

This should definitely come back right?

13). Jean Jackets

When it comes to covering up stylishly coats and blazers were the actual trends 2015. I love Jean jackets. Can you think of any celebrity you know loves this trend too? I would say Selena Gomez she digs this trend and it looks fabulous on her. I feel she likes everything Jean though. I do too. I think it should come back.

14) Statement bags

This stuff just got real! Who else is a bag fan. I love bags. I believe without bags a woman isn’t complete. I wish I had access to the kardashian/jenner bag closet that would be a dream come true. We all know the popular statement bags like mcm, gucci, chanel( coco chanel rocks) and so one. It is a fabulous trend I love it.

15) Vintage Shirts

So I was wondering, what’s the difference between vintage shirts and normal shirts. I asked a friend and she said vintage shirts are shirts made before the 1920s like seriously 1920s, I wasn’t even born yet! That’s just amazing. I like vintage shirts. This has to still trend 2016 or else.


The good thing about plaid is it can be worn in different styles and look really fabulous. It should come back 2016.


This is an old trend. It’s also a unisex trend. Absolutely gorge! I like it and want it back in 2016.


Generally jumpsuits are great whether Jean or leather or even chiffon. They are all nice even though I am not so used to it. I am not the biggest fan of it but have seen it on people and it looks great. For instance Kendall Jenner, I love her in jumpsuits. Seen her rocking it severally it’s totally for her. Back to Jean jumpsuits it’s great and must stay in 2016.

20) High Waists.

I feel like this trend is mostly for curvy people. It brings out their curves in such a nice way. Kim kardashian for instance is one very curvy celebrity and wears a lot of high waist pencil skirts. It always looks good on her to be sincere. High waists are totally for her. Am curvy too so it looks good on me. Just kidding. It’s been trending for a long time as long as we keep getting new things to pair with it I don’t think it’s going anywhere just yet.

21) Waist Chains

At time waist beads/chains were so much of a big deal in Africa. I wasn’t really a fan until I actually saw people using it on bikinis, crop tops and so on. It’s a good trend and it’s worthy of a come back 2016

Thank you.

Thank you all for reading. I hope you stop by next time. It’s my first blog post this year and also my first blog post ever. Had a little experience in writing articles and all. I am very sure I made mistakes and I am still learning I hope you bear with me and also please hit the like button feel free to comment. Thank you!


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